Claims Handling

A fundamental way Altor National will help you succeed is by vigorously and methodically defending you if you ever have a claim filed against you. We understand these situations are stressful and can damage your reputation and financial well-being. That’s why we refer to our approach as claims protection and not simply claims management. We are committed to protecting you, your reputation and your livelihood. Our claims program vigorously defends you and pursues reasonable and fair resolution, while also providing resources to help you avoid potential claims triggers.

About Claims Coverage

Your Altor National policy provides coverage for a range of circumstances. Our definition of claim includes your right to report incidents that give you concern, notices or demands from patients or attorneys, letters of intent, screening panel hearings, medical board inquiries, arbitrations, lawsuits, even subpoenas that arise out of your covered professional services. Notice to us by one Insured establishes the necessary notice to provide coverage for all parties in your practice.

To establish coverage under your policy, coverage you can count on to respond, your notice to us must be in writing, even if your first contact is by telephone. After which, our team of claims experts will guide you.

Altor National recommends you contact us if you receive any of the following: medical record requests, deposition notices, requests for interviews by attorneys or the media. This is not an exhaustive list; we encourage you to call us whenever something of concern arises.

Our claims program is handled in house in collaboration with Liberty Surplus Insurance Corporation for claims. This allows for the combination of clinical knowledge, coverage, claims and legal expertise to be applied alongside with the collaboration between our insured, defense team and Altor throughout the claims process.

Altor defends claims and your reputation vigorously

Contact Us About

  • Birth related injuries
  • Death, especially if unexpected
  • Deformity, disfigurement or disabilities
  • Demands for money
  • Disputes among healthcare providers or the hospital staff
  • Legal papers that name you or your practice
  • Severe injury – sensory, neurologic, paralysis, organ damage
  • Unanticipated adverse outcomes
  • Verbal or written threats or complaints

These incidents are among the leading causes of claims, even in the absence of negligence.

How to Report a Claim to ALTOR National

Step 1 Safeguard your medical record. Make no changes whatsoever. Keep all correspondence from us in a separate file, not the patient record. Do not release the record without proper authorization. Call us if you have any questions.

Step 2 Report a claim to our Altor National Claims Hotline at 844.44.ALTOR (844.442.5867).

Step 3 An Altor National claim representative will respond to you within one business day to obtain all of the pertinent information.

Step 4 A claim representative will walk you through the event from beginning to end and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Step 5 Should you need, Altor National will assign an attorney who will contact you directly. This attorney, along with your Altor National Representative, will counsel and assist you throughout the entire claims process.